The Wizard of Oz: A Must-Watch for Judy Garland Fans

Set in sepia tone with a backdrop of great Kansas City, the Wizard of Oz has managed to depict cult status since its original release in 1939. Initially, what opened to a rather meager response turned out to be one of the most-watched films of all time. 

The film is a masterpiece that has managed to enthrall young and old alike. For some who is an ardent fan of Judy Garland, this movie is surely a must-see. 

Lets’ see what is it that makes this movie an interesting watch and a timeless piece. 


Other than its simple yet engaging plot, one thing that makes it stand out, in my view, is its stellar music. The Wizard of Oz is a musical movie, so naturally, there is a lot of singing and dancing in the film. The songs are so beautifully composed and filmed that it makes the movie unforgettable. Speaking of the music, “Over the Rainbow,” sung by Judy Garland, has to be the best song from the film. It is not at all surprising that it garnered the Academy Award for the best song. And who can forget the tune, “Lions and tigers and bears!” 

The songs are so beautiful that you’ll want to watch the movie over and over again. If you ask me, it is one reason I can never get enough of this movie. I love the music so much to the extent that I literally sing along to each song as I’m watching! 

Thoughtful Lessons 

The movie is full of valuable life lessons. In the end, the movie shows that sometimes, the things we need to succeed are inside of us, and we just need to look deeper. I believe this was a profound take on the movie’s part. I could personally relate to this bit of the movie. Moreover, the lesson of how we should always treasure people we meet in life and the relationships we form. It was quite refreshing to see how Dorothy accepted each of her three friends for who they were, and never backed off when it came to helping them. Similarly, even those three friends did not leave any stone unturned when helping her get back home. 

Last but not least, I could not help but agree with the final lesson depicted as the movie ends that there is no place like your own home. Apart from the fact that Dorothy made some lifelong friendships as she journeyed, she had always longed for home in Kansas City. Because, at the end of the day, she wanted to be in her own home, by the side of her near and dear ones. Such a wise lesson! 

Visual Delight 

Considering the time period the movie was released within, it was quite a deal to be a colored picture. I found the movie a sheer visual delight. Despite living in a technology-driven age, the cinematic quality of the film is just as excellent and quite impressive to the eyes. Even now, the experience of watching this movie turns out to be unique and engaging. 


The Wizard of Oz is a movie that I think people of all age groups will always enjoy. If you are a Judy Garland fan and looking for recommendations, I believe this should be your next watch, if you haven’t seen it already. I am sure you are going to love it and won’t be disappointed at all! 

Listen to my rendition of Judy Garland tunes:

With Love, Maggy

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