Maggy Simon's album, "Yesterday Once More"


Jam-packed with the sizzling energy of a live, on-stage performance, "Yesterday Once More" offers listeners unique arrangements of some of the best songs ever written.

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Maggy Simon presents her debut album, YESTERDAY ONCE MORE, jam-packed with all the exciting energy of her live-performance shows. Recorded live with her six-piece band in the famed Studio A at Capitol Records, where musical legend Frank Sinatra recorded countless hits, "Yesterday Once More" provides listeners with Maggy Simon’s buoyant renditions of popular tunes and beloved classics.   

Maggy switches effortlessly in style and tempo throughout the 14 tracks of "Yesterday Once More," keeping listeners on their toes with unique arrangements of some of the best melodies ever written. Maggy’s exceptional performance during the live, two-day studio recording of the album offers listeners an authentic experience that parallels her renowned live performances at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, California. Along with Maggy’s stunning vocals, each instrument in her band can be heard in crisp definition. “It’s just like seeing my show in person!” Maggy says.   

Smooth, effortless transitions among demanding arrangements create an exciting listening experience that replicates the dynamics of on-stage entertainment, as heard in medleys such as “Here’s to Life/A Lot of Livin’ to Do/Sweet Happy Life” and songs “It’s Better with a Band” and “I Had a Ball.” Maggy’s zippy, bold and happy personality shines through each upbeat song as she sings her heart out with ardent, romantic affection. The poignant mood of “Two for the Road” and the “Here’s That Rainy Day/Come in from the Rain” medley illustrates Maggy’s dramatic range.   

"Yesterday Once More" was carefully compiled with Maggy’s loyal social media fan base in mind. Each song was selected based on the number of  “likes” from her fans on Facebook!   

“I want to give my fans the gift of a live performance, in the comfort of their own homes,” Maggy says of Yesterday Once More. “It will feel like I’m right in the room with them!”