Create the Perfect Jazz Playlist

I love jazz for many reasons. It's hard for me to pick a single reason why I love jazz, whether it's the soulful singing or the sheer diversity of the music. Dancing to the soulful rhythms and improvised vocals can be especially therapeutic.  

But, the rich music genre comes with many variations, each having a wildly different impact. For example, some of my favorite pops make me want to get up and dance as soon as I recognize the beat.  

Jazz touches your soul in a way very few genres can. The melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and vocals of different jazz songs in my playlist can especially make my day less blue.  

While I can't just tell you what the best jazz songs are, I can help you create the perfect jazz playlist. Whether you like cool, modal, bebop, gypsy, or swing, this short guide will help you create that perfect playlist.  

Choosing the Songs 

Jazz is a versatile music genre with fans that have varied tastes. A playlist that sounds perfect to you may not impress a fellow jazz enthusiast.  

So, how can a curious jazz fan pick the best songs to add to their playlist? Here are some things that I like to consider before making a jazz playlist. 


If you’re new to the genre, you may be looking to make a playlist for a casual workout gym or for your car ride home. Or, you may be making a playlist for a special smooth evening for that special someone. Regardless, jazz is a massive music genre with various styles.  

The good thing about the wide variety is that you have many options to choose from. But, I see plenty of people struggling to pick something for their playlist. Learning about the different jazz styles will give you a sense of what you like, allowing you to find something suitable. 


The diversity of jazz means that there is a jazz song for nearly every theme. Whether you're throwing a seasonal party or choosing a picnic playlist, jazz has it all.  

For example, you can opt for more generic songs for a casual party with work friends. These songs have the perfect feel and give you that lively vibe. Alternatively, you would like to go for jazz music inclined towards romance for a wedding or anniversary playlist. 

The existing theme of your party can help you choose the right songs. Jazz offers everything from entertaining and conversational music to romantic ballads. Pick yours, depending on your theme.  


Many people forget that the music genre jazz is more than slow-rolling music. In fact, you can also add high-energy compositions to your jazz playlist.  

While the pace of the jazz songs in your playlist depends on your personal preference, you need to maintain a balance. Whether you’re choosing a party or workout jazz music playlist, picking a pace for your songs is essential.  

On the other hand, Jazz also offers you control over the pace of an event. For example, you can start your playlist with slow music as the event begins. Then, as the night continues, you can play some more energetic songs.  

Or, think of a gentle playlist during meals, and upbeat music for when you start dancing. Especially with the holidays coming up this month, jazz sets the scene for a wonderful evening filled with joy. 

Jazz is a versatile music genre with something for everyone. So, a playlist will never be one-size-fits-all. You can use my tips above to create the perfect personal jazz playlist.  

Exploring different styles and themes will help you find the most suitable type of jazz song. Don’t hesitate to try out some of the smaller, more independent artists as you explore your love for jazz. If you want to give my music a listen, you can head over to My album, “Yesterday Once More,” makes a perfect holiday gift! 

With Love, Maggy

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