Chicago: The Longest Running Broadway Musical is All Set for a Return

Are you ready to experience the magical musical once again? I certainly am! In fact, I can’t wait for my favorite musical of all time, Chicago, to return to Broadway on September 14 this year. It will also be the first night after a year that Broadway theatres will host a full capacity audience.  

As the musical reopens at the Ambassador Theatre this September, the production crew plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary in November. Chicago is the second-longest-running musical in the history of Broadway, behind The Phantom of the Opera

The cast of the play, finalized before the Broadway theatres shut down in March 2020, featured these actors. 

  • Ryan Silverman (Billy Flynn) 
  • R. Lowe (Mary Sunshine) 
  • Amra-Faye Wright (Velma Kelly) 
  • Raymond Bokhour  (Amos Hart) 
  • Haley Swindal as Matron "Mama" Morton

We will have to wait and see if the cast stays the same for the September release.  

With this announcement, the iconic play joins the list of musicals scheduled to reopen this year. From September 17, the pop musical, ‘Six,’ will begin its second previews, ahead of an opening night on October 3. I’m also excited about witnessing stellar performances in The Phantom of the Opera from October 22 and also looking forward to Diana that will debut on December 1.

Why I love Chicago So Much?

If you’ve never experienced the magic of Chicago, let me give you an overview of the plot.  

Chicago, a satirical and dazzling look at justice, media, and fame, is among the most famous musicals of all time. The play, set in 1920, revolves around real-life murders and trials. Roxie Hart, the main character of the play, is a wannabe vaudevillian performer who got arrested on account of a murder.  

While ‘the prettiest woman ever charged with murder in Chicago’ is in the Cook County Jail, she meets the popular double-murderess, Velma Kelly. Velma is a nightclub performer and her hero. As both these women acquire the same lawyer, Billy Flynn, the lustful superstar, tensions arise when they both compete for the spotlight to capture headlines in newspapers.  

As the story unfolds, the sexy and catchy music with flawless lyrics by Fred Ebb and John Kander entices the audience. Based on the engaging and funny book by Fred Ebb and John Kander, Chicago continues to bewitch audiences with its intelligent plot.  

Did I tell you that upon its return, Chicago will celebrate the 25th year of its performance and is going to be the longest-running American musical on Broadway? Currently, The Phantom of the Opera holds the spot for the longest-running Broadway show. In 1996, actress Bebe Neuwirth and choreographer Ann Reinking joined Walter Bobbie, the director behind the long-running revival, to put the show on stage. The joint effort resulted in Walter winning the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical.  

As a musician myself, I’m in love with the musical’s score that won six Tony awards in 1997, including Best Musical Revival. For years, Chicago is cycling through a collection of stars in its major roles for entertaining audiences.  

The musical runs two hours and thirty minutes, with one fifteen-minute intermission. The Ambassador Theatre ensures providing a safe environment for all performers, staff, and audiences. The theatre will follow all protocols based on CDC and state guidelines, which may include mask enforcement and negative test verification, etc.  

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