How Bebop Brought New Life into the Jazz Scene

Jazz has continued to evolve over the years as musicians innovate and make different sub-genres and sounds. From smooth cool jazz to swing and bebop, the rhythm, tone, and speed of the music has changed considerably. Jazz bands have also…

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Ten Songs to Get You Out of a Blue Mood

Some days you just feel blue. And on those days, jazz can help elevate that blue mood. Here are a few songs that are especially fun to listen to on a blue day. 

1. Nat King - Thou Swell 


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New Orleans: Looking Back at the Birthplace of Jazz

Despite emerging in the late 19th century, jazz continues to innovate and evolve. In fact, jazz from the early 20th century was almost completely different than modern-day jazz and its varieties. And the city where this culturally rich and diverse…

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The Four Essential Techniques for Jazz Improvisation

I spent many years practicing jazz improvisation. However, not everyone is aware of the tips and tricks of this art.    

Did you ever notice that improvisation is already a part of your everyday life? Jazz improvisation is not much different…

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Top Five Broadway Shows Ever Made

The best Broadway musicals include a mix of classic musicals like Chicago and new favorites, like Wicked. For decades, Broadway hits have been charming theatre audiences with memorable performances and enchanting music scores.  

Here are my top picks of…

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Know Your Jazz: Hot Jazz versus Cool Jazz

Jazz is a genre that appeals to all age groups because it changes as each generation of artists modifies it with their own twist. While African Americans are pioneers of the genre, the genre combines both African rhythmic tunes and…

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